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Damyant Provides SOA based full-stack security solution spanning multiple tiers of Enterprise Security

We have decades of experience in transforming business using cloud and mobility, helping business become agile and proactive

Damyant enables Virtual Classroom connecting institutes with participants located anywhere in the world using modern cloud computing technology

Damyant Software

Enterprise Service

Damyant Software provides comprehensive Enterprise Security Services for global clients. Damyant has successfully delivered several projects involving Identity and Access Management (IAM) for federated enterprise systems.

Virtual Classroom

Symphonie is Damyant’s virtual classroom using open source technology and modern cloud computing platform. It allows delivery of lectures from anywhere, anytime to remote classrooms in real-time mode.

Data Analytic

Damyant offers Cloud based real-time data monitoring and analytic solution using highly scalable technology architecture. The solution is platform agnostic and is readily pluggable using open-industry API standards.

Cloud and Mobility

We have decades of experience in transforming business using cloud and mobility, helping business become agile and proactive. Damyant team has provided enabled real-time data monitoring of drilling operation in remote oil fields using cloud technology.

Blog & News Section

NTPC Mobile Application

Damyant Software has sucessfully delivered NTPC Mobile Application for NTPC Employees and NTPC School of Business Students. Power Management Institute (PMI) is NTPC’s apex learning & developmen[...]

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Testability, Observability, and Orthogonality – Keep inside your Architecture Blueprint Document

Testability is key to successful software delivery. It is impossible to write software without bug. Therefore, we can do two things. Firstly, improve architecture, design and coding best practices to [...]

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Collaboration amongst All – SMAC is the driver

Social collaboration in business is evident for years, from growing evolution of B2B integration protocols, and their standardization. The evolution has been steady and smooth. B2B collaboration is su[...]

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Hemen has more than 20 years of experience in managing and building mission critical enterprise applications.

Dr. Hemen Goswami

Shaibal has 25 years of Techno-Managerial experience in IT Industry specializing in Multi-shore Delivery of IT Services.

Shaibal Das
Chief Consultant

Rakesh is a senior Insurance Technology Executive with leadership experience in areas of Insurance Operations, Project Management, Program and Portfolio Management.

Rakesh Sharma
Country Head, Americas

Rodrigo Silveira is a seasoned software engineering leader with 25+ years of experience including 20+ managing mission critical enterprise software, supply chain, marine container terminal logistics, and SaaS applications.

Rodrigo Silveira
Chief Strategic Advisor

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