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Collaboration amongst All – SMAC is the driver

Social collaboration in business is evident for years, from growing evolution of B2B integration protocols, and their standardization. The evolution has been steady and smooth. B2B collaboration is suddenly taking a new evolution trajectory, purely due to the emergence of disruptive concepts powered by new age social media platforms. Power of social media tools in creating a viral effect in no time is well understood. What is not easily understood is how open social integration standards can be used across enterprise business segments seamlessly. Enterprise business processes are influenced by industry practices and nuances. An airline company and a financial company work differently. As such norms for social media interactions are different too. This is where standardization of business rules and their early acceptance are critical. Enterprise leaders have to build the partnership ecosystem and ensure that information flowing from every segment is captured, comprehended, and used effectively for redefining future needs.

The success of B2B social ecosystem requires strong desires for collaboration from enterprise leaders. As far as technology is concerned, SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytic and Cloud) is powerful and adaptive enough to provide the medium to support this goal. SMAC is perceived to drive new enterprise business initiatives across the globe. SMAC demonstrates how the convergence of technologies can create huge value propositions. Each component of SMAC is significant from its own strength; convergence of each component is influenced by business need than possibly anything else. Cloud and Mobility are accelerating the B2B social integration initiatives. Business services are becoming location agnostic, are available 24×7. Big data analytic platforms are ready to support data elasticity of infinite bounds.

It’s the time to collaborate and collaborate more!

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