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Virtual Classroom

offices-1181385_1280Symphonie is Damyant’s virtual classroom using open source technology and modern cloud computing platform. It allows delivery of lectures from anywhere, anytime to remote classrooms in real-time mode. With Symphonie, one has access to world class academician and researchers from remote institutes crossing all physical barriers. Besides academic institutions, corporate enterprises can use Symphonie to conduct trainings and meetings across distributed locations in much more collaborative ways, sharing contents/documents visually in real-time.

Features Of Symphonie
  • It is a cloud based learning platform using highly scalable architecture
  • No hardware overhead
  • Highly Interactive enabling instructor and students to collaborate.
  • Easy to schedule class session
  • Easy to schedule class session
  • Supports recording of session, which can be played back later

Damyant has implemented virtual classroom solution at Pub Kamrup College, Guwahati. Pub-Kamrup college is now connected, via Damyant’s virtual platform, to academic or research institutes located anywhere in the world.

Go to to know more about Symphonie – the Virtual Classroom at your fingerprint! Write to us at to create a free virtual classroom session for your evaluation.

University Automation System

Symphonie is Damyant Software’s comprehensive academic automation management software system. Symphonie automate academic processes existing in college and universities. The software provides easy configuration and customization modules to make it compatible with any college or university system.

  • Online Pre-Admission Processpic2
  • Admission Process
  • University Migration Process
  • Registration Process
  • Tabulation
  • Result Processing
  • Mark Sheet/Grade Sheet/Transcript Management
  • Student’s Record Management
  • Employee Record Management
  • Fee Management
  • Equipment/Inventory Management
  • Reports and Analytics

Damyant Software successfully implemented the Academic Automation System to fully computerize pre-examination and post-examination processes at the Institute of Distance and Open Learning.
Recently, Damyant Software installed and customized the Academic Automation System at the Institute of Science and Technology, Gauhati University.

Data Analytics

analytic-5-2Damyant offers Cloud based real-time data monitoring and analytic solution using highly scalable technology architecture. The solution is platform agnostic and is readily pluggable using open-industry API standards.Damyant’s solution known as MIMS (Multi-tenant Information Management System) is useful to monitor operation parameters, plant parameters on real-time basis from anywhere, anytime.

The powerful analytic engine computes useful reports and enables informative dashboard in no time. The solution is offered using enterprise grade software components. The visualization module and the dashboard is customizable based on user’s preference. Please contact to schedule a demo as per your convenience.